The IPPHA Syllabus

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Like other Aviation Sports, powered paragliding and powered hanggliding, evolved from a have a go, self teaching pioneering mentality. Progress was slow, and accidents were common. The BHPA introduced a training sylabus which dramatically improved safety. The Irish Powered Paragliding and Hanggliding Association approched the BHPA and asked if our BHPA trained Instructer and our Association could rename their Syllabus and present it for Acceptance to the Irish Aviation Authority. With their very generous and helpfull assistance we approached the IAA.

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The IAA examined our instructor, his qualifications and the syllabus we presented. It is suffice to say that all have been accepted by the IAA. The IPPHA Syllabus guarantees students very safe progression in a very structured learning environment, adding one new skill at a time. 

The IPPHA Pilot Rating System functions as a proficiency indicator system and ensures that the structured learning programmes for each discipline, based upon progressive flying tasks and theoretical knowledge tests laid down in the syllabus, are adhered to.

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The IPPHA Training Syllabus for Powered Paragliding and Foot Launched Self-Propelled Hangglider (SPHG) can be accessed here

The IPPHA Training Syllabus for EP to AP Here

and The IPPHA Pilot Rating System here and it's equivalent Safe Pro and/or Para Pro rating Here


Fédération Aéronautique Internationale’s, International Pilot Rating Systems, (Safepro is for hanggliders/ Parapro is for paragliders) can be found here. As you will see ParaPro is a rating system and not a syllabus with structured and verifable learning exercises and is described as "A Paragliding Safety And Training Analysis".

Also Note: This article was originally written by Stein Arne Fossum when he made the PARAPRO system in 1980 - 1982.…. Note that this document only applies to foot-launched paragliding flight at this time, with no mention of tow launches. Here