Our Sites and Safety Officer

The IPPHA Sites and Safety Officer

Stephen Parles is our sites officer and safety officer and has been paragliding and hanggliding since 1994, he has vast experience in the sport and has flown in France , Spain, UK, Australia. He will be happy to advise you about the suitability of sites for hanggliding, paragliding, FLPA and the suitability of sites in relation to your level of piloting skills, to ensure compliance with the Sites Code of Practice.

He is the main point of contact between the Association and landowners. He is responsible for all negotiations, on behalf of the Association, with landowners of suitable lands under their control and others having an interest in the land, to secure permission for our members to fly from and land on.

As Safety Officer he is the point of contact between the Association and the Irish Aviation Authority on all matters related to Air Law as it applies to FLPA.


mountain site