The IPPHA - Our Sites

It is a misperception that you can fly anywhere, every site has to be negotiated, rules agreed and they all come with responsibility. We have sat down and negotiated in person with various organisations such as RTE, Coillte, local private landowners and air traffic control to gain access for our members to fly at some of the best flying sites in Ireland, a number of which are now becoming key access only. IPPHAs Pilots flying under Power also have some excellent sites made available to them.

Sites officer and Safety officer Stephen Parles 0872219552 or MAIL

After years of negotiations we are now very fortunate to be in possession of Activities Licences which allow us access to locked sites.

There are both legal and straight forward conditions that must be met for the continued issuance of this Licence, which is reviewed annually and can be withdrawn at any time.

All pilots MUST have Personal Liability insurance cover if they wish to fly, please note that VHI, BUPA, VIVAS, etc. Health Insurance policies DO NOT provide Personal Liability cover and they must have proof of membership, as Coillte have indicated that they will make spot checks. As sites are becoming more restricted we are contractually obliged to give access to members only, temporary membership forms will be available for visiting pilots. We are also required to drive slowly when on Coillte property. The 10 page Activity licence is available for all to read.

Some sites/landing fields are restricted to all flyers and the general public, usually on the insistence of the Site Owner. In such cases we seek to arrange for visiting pilots to fly these sites as Accompanied Visitors. Visiting pilots are asked to respect this arrangement. The sites affected are all sensitive sites and unauthorised use has and may well result in the further loss of other sites too.

Once site access is lost it is sometimes almost impossible to get it opened to flyers again!.