The Falcon Paragliding and Hanggliding Club

The Falcon Paragliding and Hanggliding Club is the largest free flying club in Ireland and was initially set up to promote safe flying and to protect flying sites in the Munster area.

Our sites officer and safety officer is Stephen Parles and is always happy to advise and assist. mail or Mobile 0872219552

However it has grown into so much more, their members don't just fly all over Ireland they fly all over the world. Utilising flying holidays to Spain, France, Australia and Nepal to fly BIG distances and improve their coring and decision making techniques.

Their membership consists of Paraglider, Hangglider, Paramotor and Powered Hangglider pilots from all over Ireland.

The Falcon Club is made up of both experienced and student pilots, with an ethos of providing Coaching to encourage safe transition from pupil to pilot.

Midland Paramotoring Club

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced pilot you can be assured of a friendly welcome to the Midland Paramotoring Club.

The membership is made up of total beginners, restricted pilots and advanced pilots and as such there is always a great exchange of ideas and advice in the melting pot with regard to all aspects of paramotoring, training, equipment etc.

The members fly in Tipperary, Cork, Waterford, Donegal, Galway, Clare, Kerry, Meath, Wicklow and Northern Ireland.

During the summer months members have organised fly-ins and camped over weekends along with their families, enabling them to fly early morning and mid evening when the sun is setting, before settling down to barbeques and a few beers whilst having the craic and reflecting over the days flying.