Firstly you will get to know your local frieldly pilots and get advice on the best places to fly for your skill level, etc..

You will understand the conditions attached to some flying sites between landowners and your club, this will ensure problem free flying for you , result is flying sites are protected, land owners are protected and we can all enjoy access to some of the best flying sites in Ireland.

We have sat down and negotiated in person with various organisations such as RTE, Coillte, local private landowners and air traffic control to gain access for our members to fly at some of the best flying sites in Ireland, a number of which are now key access only.

IPPHAs Pilots flying under Power have excellent sites made available to them through our negotiations with landowners. As a member you have access to all of these sites.

As a member you will have the advantage of free coaching from our club coaches.

In Ireland every year many pilots fly scores of hours without incident or injury. This is possible because of our club structure with regard especially to new beginner pilots coming into our sport.

Our friendly pilots, Instructors and Coaches are always there ready to assist novice pilots when inexperience and ignorance could expose them to serious danger.

Membership offers you the option of having your reserve parachute repacked by a qualified repacker with 10% discount.

Membership will give you access to support when you have left your training school, and will introduce you to a range of pilots who can help you pursue your flying goals.

We organise fun trips abroad for our members, like a big family holiday.

Our club structures and benefits may not interest everyone but it pleases most.