Visiting Pilots Legal Position

Welcome to Ireland, the land of a thousand welcomes.

As a visiting or resident pilot from overseas we hope your time in Ireland will be a very pleasant and memorable one. There are safety, air law and site conditions that apply when FLPA flying and free flying in Ireland that my differ from those you are accustomed to.

The Irish Aviation Authority regulate the operation of FLPA in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish Powered Paragliding and Hanggliding Association is a non profit sporting body that represents FLPA Pilots interests under the regulations laid down by the Irish Aviation Authority and also oversees the only Irish Aviation Authority registered training facility for powered paragliding in Ireland.

To fly FLPA legally in Ireland

You must apply to the Irish Aviation Authority for an exemption, on applying for an exemption you must "(3) submit satisfactory evidence to the Authority of approved or accepted training completed in any State or completed with an aviation association holding a recognition from any State;" have a current Class 2 medical Certificate, a valid third party insurance policy and produce your pilots logbook. Alternatively you can fly as a student FLPA pilot under the supervision of an IAA accepted flying instructor.

To free fly in Ireland .

Read Our Sites page and contact the IPPHA Sites Officer for advice.

Irish Air Laws that apply to all free flying paraglider, hangglider and FLPA flights.

Pilots from overseas who reside here:

To fly legally under power in Ireland you should contact the IPPHA and the Irish Aviation Authority on your arrival in order to have your power rating validated before taking out insurance cover. All pilots must be covered by insurance and also hold a valid rating in order to fly legally (no rating invalidates your insurance).

We have member pilots from overseas in our association and you would be most welcome to join our flying community in Ireland.

Pilots from overseas who are here on holiday:

To fly legally under power in Ireland you should contact the IPPHA and the Irish Aviation Authority well in advance of your arrival, in order to have your power rating validated and to ensure that you have the correct insurance cover and that it offers adequate 3rd party cover in Ireland.

As sites are becoming more restricted we are contractually obliged to give access to members only, temporary membership forms are available for visiting pilots.