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Welcome to Flyability Ireland.


Flyability Ireland is the Disability Initiative of the Irish Powered Paragliding and Hanggliding Association based on the same principles and aims as the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Associations “Flyability”.

Flyability Ireland aims to promote and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to experience and participate in the sport of hang gliding, paragliding and other related forms of flight.

Flyability Ireland

Flyability Ireland

Currently Flyability Ireland promotes and funds tandem flying for people with disabilities who may be unable to fly alone. Flyability Irelands "First Time Tandem Air Experience" flights will be the main use of its sponsor’s funds. Our long-term objective is to develop and promote opportunities for people with physical disabilities to participate in our sport at a level of their choice by way of Solo Student Pilot Scholarships.

Flyability UK has been on the go since 1986 and through out the years our individual members have supported it by way of donations etc. Flyability Ireland came into being due to an amazing young man called Gerard O`Grady. Gerard is severely physically challenged (quadriplegic) however he has an amazing adventurous spirit and has been an inspiration to us all. Gerards desire to paraglide was the catalyst that got Flyability Ireland off the ground.

The Irish Wheelchair Association's magazine "Spokeout" feature on Gerards first flight can be accessed in the 2009 Autumn issue (pg 44) HERE.

We hope to be able to offer Flyability Ireland tandem flight experiences every year (weather permitting) and through sponsorship and fundraising enable those with disabilities to participate in our sport. We would like to continue to bring this wonderful sport within reach of people to whom it might otherwise be just a dream and with your support to offer this experience to more people in the future. So if there are any potential sponsors out there who would care to contribute in any way large or small, or if you are thinking of applying for a Flyability Ireland "Tandem Flight Experience" please don’t hesitate to contact us or Midland Paragliding. Checkout Flyability Irelands Video and Photo Gallery