About Us - The IPPHA


The Irish Powered Paragliding and Hanggliding Association is a non profit sporting body that represents FLPA Pilots interests under the regulations laid down by the Irish Aviation Authority. As a body we have campainged tirelessly on ratification issues, higher school and instructional standards, aided through-out by the generous and very helpfull assistance of the British Hannggliding and Paragliding Association. We have provided standards for pilot training syllabus, pilot and instructor certifications and best practice in operational and safety procedures and have endevoured to influence the opinion of the IAA.

The IPPHA was formed to ensure that all powered paraglider and hangglider pilots in the Republic of Ireland could have an organisation to which they could look to, to act in their interests and to bring a (previously absent) means of legality, safety and training to these sports. The IPPHA training syllabus and ratification has been accepted and approved by the IAA. This very positive development has moved the previously dangerous state of affairs, as it stood in the Republic of Ireland for foot-launch powered aircraft, to a new level, where our sport is now recognised by the Authority. This enables students to legally be trained, insured and fly legally in Ireland.

The IPPHA maintains high standards of safety and training in the sport by carrying out audits of student/RTF log books and this is agumented by the IAA's remit to not just inspect the registered instructor but also to inspect their school and equipment. The IAA have the authority to approve the issue of a new licence/exemption at the completion of an appropriate examination. They are also empowered to withdraw a licence in the interests of the safety of the public.

Our mandate is to support administrative or legislative measures that will improve facilities for foot-launch powered aircraft and to act to prevent the introduction of such measures injurious to the sport. To ensure adequate access to airspace and to issue guidelines and encourage the observance of a code of conduct. To provide services as far as possible and appropriate for other organisations, clubs and persons interested in or associated with the sport and recreation of Powered Paragliding and Powered Hanggliding.